Origin of Argh!

The Dutch association for riggers and grounders is a group of rigging professionals in the entertainment industry formally established the association in March 2000.

Origins of Argh!
Rinus Bakker (a.k.a. “Rhino”) was one of the first of the entertainment riggers in the Netherlands. In the early days of entertainment rigging, materials and equipment as we knew them then, and the methods of rigging, were in sharp contrast to how we know and use them today. Safety measures / fall protection were often scarce and rigging crews would undertake tasks more often than not without fall protection!
Around 1985, Rinus started his own rigging company in Ijmuiden under the name “Rhino Rigs”. Along with Marina Prak, they ran this company very successfully for several years, applying their knowledge to the entertainment rigging industry. During the late 90s, they coincided with lighting specialists Flashlight to expand its rigging department. During these years, Rinus tried to get a foot in the door at the safety authorities, to improve the situation in the field of rigging in an attempt to bring some more control in to the industry.
Around the turn of the century, various people then involved with Flashlight went their own way: Marina departed to Prolyte, GertJan Brouwer, part of the Flashlight rigging office team, founded Frontline rigging consultants, and Rinus began to focus on advice and training. Shortly after these moves took place, Marina and Rinus took the initiative to found Argh!, with the aim that the rigging community in the Netherlands would collectively have a positive effect on the industry.
Nowadays Argh! sits at the table at NEN, the Dutch body for standardisation, and participates in the recently formed European standardisations committee for lifting and lifting equipment in the entertainment industry.