Argh! members

Membership of Argh! is reserved for individuals, whether they are employed, freelance, employer, director, adviser, administrator or warehouse employee. Corporate membership can be made available only under our “favour” membership policy. Membership enables members and, where applicable, companies granted membership under our favour policy, to read our minutes, NERS and other documents that Argh! produces.

The majority of members are experienced riggers. They bring the association a wealth of knowledge and experience in lifting systems for lighting, sound, projection, special effects etc. in the entertainment industry, both temporary and permanent installations, as well as knowledge of hundreds of locations in western Europe where entertainment rigging activities are required .

argh bij Fa Vornbeaumen

Argh! on excursion to a wire rope manufacturer in Germany; it was very interesting to see how rolls of 6mm thin wire wires are pulled, bundled into strings and finally wound into to whole wire rope cables. Fantastic “carnival-like” machines they use to do that! And. even though the process is already about 100 years old, there is still innovation!

Members of Argh! exchange information and consult on developments, or bring their own research into new materials and applications and methods and report the results. Members keep other members up to date with developing situations in both venue information and dangers, or dangerous situations, they might have noted, and keep close tabs on any “rogue” material that shows up at companies in the rental industry.

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