the Association of Riggers and Grounders in Holland!

The Dutch association for riggers and grounders
Argh! is a group of rigging professionals in the entertainment industry formally established the association in March 2000.

Argh! aims to unite anyone working within, or closely involved in, the field of rigging in the Netherlands, by looking after and defending their interests, standardizing processes and methods, promoting safety and safe working conditions, gaining recognition for the profession. The above relates to, either directly or indirectly, or is conducive to, the entertainment industry.

What is rigging?
Rigging is the placing of temporary lifting installations (guided or unguided) for the benefits of the entertainment industry.
In one sense, the definition of rigging encompasses many industries, but for Argh!’s purposes, we define it as lifting work in the entertainment industry. This encompasses theatre, television, concerts, events, trade shows, product presentations and amusement parks. Usually, this entails that, in an existing building (stadium, theatre or exhibition centre), in the roof of the building a structure of aluminium trusses is lifted, whereby lights, speakers or video equipment can be hung.
Furthermore, it is possible that the show requires a performer hoisting vertically or horizontally above a stage or auditorium.This type of work entails thorough preparation and prompt implementation of a plan / drawing and safety measures.frontpageplaatje